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New Order Of Fashion Denim Dark From Scratch Bag

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The 'From Scratch' bag was created entirely from recycled post-consumer textiles locally sourced by New Order of Fashion in Eindhoven. A super sturdy material, wide opening, and interior pocket it's the perfect market, beach, grocery, overnight and more bag.

The pattern of the bag was designed to ensure the least amount of material is wasted during production. 

Each bag is made in the New Order of Fashion makers studio in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Developed by New Order of Fashion and in collaboration with various designers, the 'From Scratch' collection is part of an ongoing upclycling research project in collaboration with designer Alicia Minnaard.

The process started with New Order of Fashion collecting more than 1,500 kg of discarded clothing from the people of Eindhoven. 

Once collected, designer Bart Hess and recycle partner Wolkat transformed the used clothes into new useful materials - recycled yarns and 6 kilometers of textile. With these materials, New Order of Fashion talent Marie Sloth Rousing created a brand new capsule collection launching first at PARO STORE with this nifty bag.