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Podcasts on Sustainability

Everyone, including us, is getting more interested in sustainability, but it's a complex topic that can be hard to get your head around, add to that all the climate doom and rules about what we shouldn't be doing, and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Good news is that as more and more people want to understand how we can enjoy life without impacting future generations and how we can help change the world for the better, there is also a rising number of online resources which can help us do that.  We find audio and podcasts a great way to get in to this topic, there is something nice about hearing from a real person talk about subjects like fast fashion, circularity and environment, and even topics like government policy and housing - sustainability is a broad reaching topic! We’ve compiled a list of the podcasts that we like to geek out to - when we're out on a run, or with a coffee in hand - all about sustainability and sustainable living.

Circular with Katie Treggiden


Circular with Katie Treggiden is a podcast dedicated to exploring the circular economy and those that are challenging the wasteful model of production and consumption. Katie and her guests discuss how consumer needs can be met without compromising future generations or the planet. Season One of Circular concentrated on the topic of using waste as a raw material. In Season Two, Circular explores how fixing, mending and repair play a part in our lives and that of a circular economy.

The Slow Exposure Podcast


The Slow Exposure Podcast is hosted by Eliza Edwards, the founder of Slow Exposure – an online platform that champions responsible creativity. Each episode of the podcast features an in-depth conversation with fashion industry experts from varying corners of the sector. The Slow Exposure Podcast is supported by online marketplace, Vestiaire Collective. This community-led vendor is dedicated to pre-loved clothing. In celebrating beautiful vintage, second-hand garments, Vestiaire democratises circularity.

Progress Over Perfection


FUTUREVVORLD’s debut podcast series Progress Over Perfection has been created in partnership with Timberland to delve into how environmental responsibility plays out in design, fashion and hype culture, specifically focusing on earth-friendly projects. The podcast aims to share without shame how to adjust the way we consume for a healthier planet. Listeners can expect interviews, discussions, inspiring stories and deep dives into industry.

Food for Thought

food for thought radio show

It would be remiss of us not to mention our own podcast, well it's actually a radio show you can catch up on Soundcloud, but what's the difference really?  In partnership with our friends at Feed Radio in Amsterdam we host a monthly show called Food for Thought, which is all about cultivating a more sustainable way of living and doing business. Each month we invite someone we've met through our combined areas of work - fashion, music and food - to chat to us about how they approach their craft in with the planet in mind.  

Claire Yuri Davis features on the Stories of Growth


Claire Yuri Davis features on the Stories of Growth podcast, produced by Protein, which asks business leaders to share stories of growth and any lessons they’ve learned on their journey. Here, William Rowe, Founder and CEO of Protein chats to Claire Yuri Davis, founder of sustainable fashion brand, Hanger, and founder of creative ethics consultancy startup, CogDis, to learn more about her journey and what drives her forward.

Ananas Anam features on The Entrepreneurs podcast


Ananas Anam features on The Entrepreneurs podcast produced by Monocle 24, which covers the most inspiring companies, people and ideas in businesses across the globe. In this episode, Dr Carmen Hijosa, founder of Ananas Anam, discusses her career and the travels and studies that led to her founding an alternative leather company using Piñatex, a leather substitute made from pineapple-leaf fibres.

Community: The Ecovillage Podcast by GEN Europe

Community is a podcast about living better together. From the Global Ecovillage Network in Europe, Community tells the stories of ecovillages and the people who live in them. It’s an exploration of the biggest questions and most inspiring stories of ecovillages and their inhabitants. It’s about what makes us stronger, more resilient, more hopeful, together. It’s about the people and places that are regenerating our planet, and the tools and strategies you can use to do the same, wherever you are. From love and money to identity and the life-changing journeys some people have made to live in harmony with the earth, you’ll find it all on Community.


Clotheshorse is the podcast that loves clothes but hates capitalism! The mission of Clotheshorse is to help you make the best decisions about what you buy and where you buy it.  In each episode, we uncover another aspect of the global fashion juggernaut, from manufacturing to Black Friday sales.  Host Amanda is a fashion industry veteran and she introduces you to industry experts and small business owners fighting for a more sustainable, ethical world.