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Alicia Minard offers a variety of repair services for your damaged clothes. On PARO you can select from a number of repair services depending on your preference, type of clothing and it's damage.

Repair Process

  • Select the number of T-shirts you would like to combine
  • We will send you shipping instructions and a repair form to know more about your repair request (colour, design....)
  • Send your repair to Alicia in Eindhoven
  • Alicia will send your repaired garment back, shipping covered

Depending on the type and size of repair these normally take between 5 to 10 days to be sent back to you. Shipping to fixing fashion is at your own cost but we will cover the cost of shipment back to you.

Upcycling became popular during WWII as textiles were rationed. After the war, it resurfaced again in the 1980/90s with the punk scene and later the hip-hop scene. Remaking your clothes lets you keep your piece when only a small part is damaged. With this technique, you can cut out the parts that you still like and use them to create a new garment. It's great when you or your brother or your boyfriend have two big T-shirts leftover and we can make them tailored, by creating a wrap top/dress out of the sleeves.


  • Only possible with 2 T-shirts
  • The cut is placed on the bust, please measure from the neckline to the bust
  • Fill in the form what the length of the top should be if it is a dress, we leave the T-shirt as it is.
  • The size difference between the two shirts can only be one size smaller or bigger
  • Upcycled in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Please fill in the questionnaire as detailed as possible for best results
  • Only washed garments are accepted for repairs.


Alicia Minaard currently only accepts orders from the Netherlands for her repair services. If you are in EU and really interested in trying this out please send us an email at and we will do our best to see if we can accomodate you.

Once you place an order on PARO for one of the repair services, you will receive a quesitonnaire to help Alicia understand a little bit more about the garment and the repair service you want. Once this is emailed back to us and we ensure that the Srepair is possible we will send you Alicia's shipping address in Eindhoven.


**For orders outside of the UK customers may be subject to import duties, customs tax and/or brokerage fees. Shipping to Alicia is at the customers expense, however shipping back to you is covered by Alicia.

Depending on the type and size of the repair the process will take around 5 -10 days to be shipped back to you.


For this service Alicia Minaard does not accept any returns or exchanges. We have a thorough questionnaire that we ask you to fill in so we can get the exact idea of what you would like and Alicia Minaard will send a photo of the repair before the shipment is shipped to make sure you know what you are receiving.

IF you have any quesitons about the shipping or repair process in general please don't hesitate to ask us at

We don't have a specific size guide for this product. If you have any specific questions about it please email us at Thanks :)
We don't have a specific size guide for this product. If you have any specific questions about it please email us at Thanks :)