The PARO X GOLDIIE collection has just launched in store. The first in a series of projects, where we work with designers to explore new ways to produce in a way that's better for the Earth, launching the resulting capsule collections exclusively on PARO STORE. When we were introduced to Goldiie earlier this year we fell in love with the wearable art that founder and designer, Rudmarla, makes to adorn the coolest of ears. Goldiie earrings are all handmade in the Netherlands and have a natural connection to nature in the floral designs; in our collaboration we explored switching to more eco-friendly bio based material. Below, Rudmarla gives us an insight in to Goldiie the brand, and how she found exploring new materials for the PARO x GOLDIIE project. 

"The flowers I used for the PARO x GOLDIIE collection are all types of color because these colors really brighten me up, just like seeing my mother smile. My mothers love inspires me to be good and also have love for others and things around me."


When did you start GOLDIIE, and what inspired you to?

I started Goldiie 3 years ago making chokers (back in the day that was a trend). I wasn't sure which direction to go with Goldiie so I stopped for a year and last year I decided to start again. I made my first collection named Laman, it went very well and that was my boost to keep going!

Tell us about the team behind the brand.

Basically I do everything by myself, from brainstorming to creating a collection. It can be a lot for one person especially when other things are going on, but I'm finding my balance.

What’s been your highlight for the brand so far?

There are a lot of great moments, but I'm most proud of my collection Bintishete. The fist drop was sold out in 3 days that was so crazy to me I didn't expect people to love it that much.

You work a lot with real flowers in your designs - what made you choose flowers as your material?

Yes, I do. I started using flowers in my designs during the lockdown this year. I wanted to use an element that can give you hope and a happy feeling. Flowers make me happy, the bright colors, and the different shapes.


And how do you work with them - where do you get them from, how do you incorporate them into your designs?

I get my flowers at a local flower shop In The Hague. I let them dry for 2-3 days in the sun and in the meantime, I start working on the collection. First by doing my research on the actual trends, colors, and shape of the season. Afterward, I adapt and make it into my own look from things and people that inspired me.

How did you approach the PARO X GOLDIIE "MARTHA" collection in a more eco-friendly way?

For the PARO x GOLDIIE collection, I wanted to replace the resin I use in my designs with a more eco friendly alternative. I used bioganic resin that is recyclable and environmentally friendly - made with 40% bio materials. 

My mothers love inspires me to be good and also have love for others and things around me, so she was a natural inspiration when making this collection. The PARO x GOLDIIE collection is a collection made with different flowers representing my mother’s traits, in which I see beauty. The flowers are all types of color because these colors really brightens me up, just like seeing my mother smile. 


Will you take any of the eco-friendly practices into your main line in the future?

It was interesting experimenting with this new kind of resin - I didn't know if it would perform in the same way as my usual resin, however I was really happy with the results - it's lighter, and it is really clear, so it is great material to work with. 

So, yes. I'm open to work with more eco-friendly product and do more collaboration. This collaboration really made me think deeply about the products that I’ve been using.

What’s next for GOLDIIE?

More collaboration with stores and creatives. I'm looking forward to all the great things in my planning.

Thanks Rudmarla!

You can see the full PARO X GOLDIIE collection here.