Aniela Parys is a project based on the revival of sustainable clothing manufacturing, photography, artist collaborations.  From their Barcelona studio they design with a focus on local sourcing and production, and sustainable fabrics. Aniela Parys is also the name of the designer and founder of the brand, we chatted to Aniela to find out a bit more about them.

"Good design means creating products that outlive the current trends, and gain value over time."

If you had to describe Aniela Parys in 2 words what would it be?

Local / Inspiring

What inspired you to start Aniela Parys?

I always knew I wanted to have my own brand, I have been working in the industry for over 12 years already and was inspired to create a sustainable project from the beginning.

Tell us about the team behind the brand

My team has grown a lot over the last year, we are now 5 all together :)

What’s playing on the office / studio stereo?

Usually Beach House or African music from the 1960s

To PARO good design is all about designing products that have great aesthetic, functionality and make a positive impact. What does good design mean to you?

Creating products that outlive the current trends, and gain value over time.

What do you think you are doing well [with regards to good design]?

I love that we are able to collaborate with talented contemporary artists. For example we are lucky enough to work with such artists as Hanako Mimiko and Merakilabbe for our fabric prints. We also collaborate with many contemporary artists, photographers, florists, visual artists, product designers for the presentation and shooting of our collections. From starting this project I knew that the creative team behind us was going to be our strength.

Since the beginning of my career in fashion I was aware that the industry needed change, so when I built this project I knew from the beginning that we needed to do things differently. We also produce all our pieces in the most sustainable way possible, and are always working on improving. Our pieces are all locally produced in Barcelona from deadstock fabrics which I find from local sources, we also use natural fibers, GOTS certified, and we use econyl a fabric made from recycled plastic for our swimwear collections.

What would you like to do better [with regards to good design]

I believe we can all work on becoming more sustainable, us as well. We currently have a couple pieces in our collection which are made from new polyester lace fabric. We are working on transitioning to 100% sustainable materials by 2021.

Where is Aniela Parys going in the future?

We will continue to be a small company, however we are working on expanding our market in Europe and hope to have our pieces in independent boutiques around the world as well as possibly open a showroom / store in Barcelona within the next couple years. We want to provide a platform to support independent artists as well as be an example for other brands who want to become more sustainable.

How would you like to see the fashion industry progress?

I would like to see fast fashion companies fade out, replacing my smaller localized brands and retailers.

What advice would you give to people who want to be more responsible when they’re shopping?

Support small companies and save up to buy pieces that last

Thanks Aniela!

(Pictured: Aniela Parys's studio in Barcelona, Spain)