Socksss are really unlike any sock brand we've seen before. The attention to detail that goes in to the design, and the creativity in the communication makes you rethink your relationship with this daily wardrobe staple which can be pretty under appreciated. We chatted to Sean and Oscar, founders of Socksss, to find out and about them, their vision for the humble sock, and how they approach design with a focus on quality and planetary care.

"We wanted to provide a platform to change the perception of how you treat the sock. Not as a wear and tear item but something you cherish."

What 2 words best describe Socksss in 2 words?

Do Not Eat.

When did you start Socksss, and what inspired you to?

Sean: In 2019, I’d been wanting to build a global brand from scratch for some time while tying in the possibility to visit new and interesting places and be open to take in new cultures while surrounding myself with amazing people and everyone needs Socksss so it’s a perfect product to build partnerships with.

Oscar: The lack of creativity in the sock genre. We wanted to provide a platform to change the perception of how you treat the sock. Not as a wear and tear item but something you cherish. Create more value around the product, not something you would throw away after 2 months. It should be that item you turn your drawer upside down in search of.


Tell us about the team behind the brand

Sean runs the operations side of business to keep the lights on and growing in the right direction while not surfing & skating, Oscar runs the Creative Direction while not making music and working on magic at Swim Club who are our partners on the visual(s) side of the brand.

What’s playing on the studio stereo?


We believe that making a positive impact on people and the planet should be a key input in the design stage for any product. How do you approach this at Socksss?

Well from day one we took into consideration the materials we are using and the durability of the product we’re making. We also take into account where it’s produced how it’s packaged & shipped and who is behind the parts of the puzzle so we can build a sense of community and family that is fair for everyone involved and a brand that customers can trust.

Is there anything in your design process that you’d like improve from an impact perspective, or are you working on improving?

Oscar: Working with recycled materials and prove the high quality you can get.    
Sean: Looking to using recycled polyester in future collections. We need this material in our sock to help it breath and push away moisture. We’re already using 100% recycled paper in our packaging.

Where is Socksss going in the future?

Well we recently went into outer-space with our Space Voyeurs campaign, let’s see what’s next, maybe into the deepest parts of planet earth?


The fashion industry is responsible for huge environmental and social issues. How would you like to see the industry change and progress?

We would like to see people making more conscious decisions and working together as a whole because a lot of brands could be producing in the same factories without even knowing it and then could collaborate on production and shipping to minimise waste in production and increase efficiency in logistics bringing down C02 as a whole. At the end of the day it’s creativity and communication that really propels your brand to stand out in the noise that constantly bombards us, so there shouldn't be harm in sharing knowledge in production. If we can start at this initial point and the communication between farmer, factory, brand and end consumer could be linked this would propel the transparency to new levels and hold people accountable for malpractice.

What advice would you give to people who want to be more responsible when they’re shopping?

Sean: Buy less, buy better.
Oscar: Quality not quantity.

Thanks Sean & Oscar!

Find out more about Socksss and shop the collection here.