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These patches are part of our collab with the ace and properly sound tattooer Tattoos For Your Enemies / Jack Watts from the London Tattoo shop Sang Bleu.

Uncle Killer used his sad laser eyes to cut them out of our ecru denim, the same stuff we use to make our Painter Suits. Jack used his hands to hand paint them with his hands. They're all one-offs and scientifically the best patches in the Solar System.  

You can use them to patch up your pants or make your bag look cooler, or make a jacket more dangerous. You can also use them to stop a sinking dingy sinking, but the paint will come off if you do that. You can put them in your Nova and they work a little bit like a dump valve.

If you want us to put one of them or a lot of them on a new jacket or some legs we can totally do that for you. 

I can't work out how to change the website, so to select the patch you want use the colour drop down. Nice one.