Ullac oy Red Nuge Pants

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  • Colour: Burgundy with contrasting amber cuffs
  • Organic cotton ribbing (cuffs)
  • Neat / Regular fitting
  • Velvety waffle corduroy from Italy
  • Made in London
  • This is a fairly neat fitting and made using a really special waffle-cord. Corduroy fabric first appeared in the mills of Northern England somewhere in the 18th Century and was developed as a more affordable and durable version of velvet. Both are Traditionally cord fabric would be composed of tufted cords that run in parallel channels with a kind of bare channel in between. This particular example actually has vertical and horizontal channels that give it a texture and handle like nothing else. It's warm, comfortable, and really very durable. It was woven for us in Italy by a mill who has been making luxurious and interesting fabrics since the 1940s.
  • The pants are excellent as a stand-alone piece but can also be matched with the Biz Jacket to make a complete set.
  • The piece was cut and sewn by our neighbor Mr Mingle in London.
  • These come in three sizes XS/S, Medium and L/XL. Wear your normal size.
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