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Ullac Oy Pink White Candy Person Cardigan

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  • Colour: ecru and baby pink candy stripes
  • Regular / Loose fitting and flowing
  • Reversed loopback fabric, with the loop on the outer face
  • Burgundy buttons made from Ecuadorian corozo nuts
  • French Terry Loopback fabric constructed with a mix of combed cotton (75%) and a bit of poly for durability
  • Fabric made in Leicester UK
  • Garment Made in London (UK)
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  • This is a fairly loose-fitting cardi. It comes in three sizes XS/S, Medium and L/XL. Wear your normal size.
  • French Terry is a knitted fabric very similar to jersey. The knitting process results in loops and soft piles of yarn on one side, and a nice super smooth and soft surface on the other side. French Terry is a very versatile knit, it has a really lovely texture and handle, it's comfy and cozy but at the same time it's very durable, easy to maintain and relatively lightweight which means you can wear it as an outer layer or as a mid-layer.
  • This particular fabric is a mix of 75% combed cotton which makes it even softer, and a bit of poly which gives it structure, stability, and durability.
  • One of the really special things about how we use this fabric is that we put the loop on the outside so we get this really interesting texture on the outer of the garment.
  • The fabric was made for us in Leicester (UK) by experts in knits and jersey. The piece was cut and sewn by our neighbor Mr. Mingle on Hackney Road in London UK.