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Sinobi Red Velcro Single Sandal

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Sinobi Shoes is Pre-Order and will be ready to ship 2 months after your order is placed. Buying Pre-Order helps save overproduction and waste.

Please note as we work with deadstock materials, some colours of the shoes might slightly differ.


Leather — premium and soft lambskin from the deadstocks.

EVA (mostly recycled) — hygienic and high-quality lightweight elastic material that provides cushioning while walking.

Natural rubber — exceptional material which production is sustainable because the tree from which rubber latex is obtained is not cut down and destroyed.

Water-based adhesive — material that contains no volatile organic compounds, which means it is not harmful to people or the environment.



Are made in collaboration with Arvitum orthopaedic diagnostic centre.

Fit all types of feet.

Provide comfort and stability with each step, relieve muscle fatigue and joint stress, improve blood circulation in legs, provide solid stance and proper alignment.