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  • Colour: Camo

  • Oversized / Exaggerated silhouette

  • 3/4 length

  • Three panelled neat fitting hood to keep out the rain

  • Contrast binding running up the front of the jacket and around the hood

  • Shell design: designed to fit perfectly around the Scary hoody or Liner

  • Waterproof durable fabric made in Italy

  • We don't use a lot of synthetic fabrics but well-considered and practical applications of responsibly sourced synthetics can make a lot of sense. Like a lot of high performance and versatile fabrics, nylon was invented and developed out of necessity at the end of the 1930's, just before World War II. It was revolutionary in terms of its strength, durability, comfort and performance. Our Scary Parka is made from a very lightweight and waterproof nylon. It's incredibly durable, so it will protect you from the rain for years and years. The fabric was made in a small batch specifically for us, in Italy by experts in high performance textiles. 80% of their rooftop surfaces are covered in solar panels which in part help to create this fabric. The garment was cut and sewn in the UK.

  • This is very oversized, big and baggy. it comes in three sizes XS/S, Medium and L/XL. Wear your normal size for an oversized fit or size down for a slightly neater silhouette.

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