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KAMO INTERNATIONAL Elliott Turtle Green Sunglasses

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KAMO is a Copenhagen based sustainable eyewear brand. Producing their products between Japan and Italy they use recycled and bio-acetate for their frames.

The new Eliott style, presented for Fall Winter 2019. Inspired by the sub culture from Harlem in the 80s and 90s, This style is defined by flashy details inspired by streetwear.

KAMO glasses are Danish design, produced by some of the world's best eyewear manufacturers, known for their experimentation with new production techniques, finishings, materials and detailing.


Each KAMO INTERNATIONAL® product is made of two basic structural pieces: the frame, which can be made entirely of cellulose recycle acetate, or entirely of metal, or a combination of the two materials, and top-quality Carl Zeiss lenses.