Good Good Good Wild Dagga Ouma’s Hat

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GOOD GOOD GOOD focuses on elevating modern streetwear using high quality, ethically-sourced fabrics and classic tailoring practices. They are sourcing textiles from eco-conscious, local suppliers and by thoroughly considering their environmental impact at each stage of the manufacturing process.

A wide-brimmed hat, with an elongated back brim for extra neck protection.


  • Finished with an internal lining
  • Wearable back-to-front too
  • Inspired by Daniel’s mother-in-law Jacqui and her winter factory beret
  • Jacqui is not a fan of cold weather.Handmade in Cape Town
  • One Size
  • Cut from a once-off 100% cotton from a job-lot-yarn milled at Global Organic Textile Standard certified heirloom mill, Mungo
  • MADE-TO-ORDER - may take up to 6 weeks to ship your order (could be less but this is the max)