E.MACBEAN x Le Tings 'Bell Hooks' Illustrated Scandal Sack

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E.Macbean is a high-end UK swimwear brand launched in 2020, a creative collaboration between Andrew and Eleanor Ibi. The E.MACBEAN ethos is one of slow, considered, sustainable swimwear; made for a diverse, fearless and culturally-aware community.

Product Details

  • E.MACBEAN x Le Tings 'Bell Hooks Scandal Beach Sack' is a collaboration with contemporary designer and social commentator, Harris Elliott.
  • Each bag is created using repurposed rice bags which are carefully cut and collaged to create new designs, previously carrying 50kgs of rice, now with an outer coating of protective non toxic PVC
  • limited edition pieces are illustrated by the E.MACBEAN studio via the illustrations of Creative Director, Andrew Ibi - this particular doodle paying homage to 'FEMINIST SUPER ICON' - Bell Hooks
  • The 'Hand-Illustrated Scandal Sack' is made and illustrated to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
  • Due to the nature of sourcing these individual rice bags, the exact colour and pattern placement may vary from one bag to another.

Design Codes

  • Transparent: Supply chain and ethical practices
  • Local: Sourced in EU, Made in London ex of Trims
  • Circular: Regenerated Nylon
  • Eco-Friendly: Recycled Packaging