E.MACBEAN Peyton Pink Plunge Front Hybrid Swimsuit

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E.Macbean is a high-end UK swimwear brand launched in 2020, a creative collaboration between Andrew and Eleanor Ibi. The E.MACBEAN ethos is one of slow, considered, sustainable swimwear; made for a diverse, fearless, and culturally-aware community.

Product Details

  • Peyton plunge front ‘o’ ring back bikini/one-piece hybrid.
  • The design and development reference 80’s Trash Culture, New York Punk, Americana and it’s associated Popular-Culture.
  • Peyton is the lead character in Tama Janowitz’s celebrated novel – Peyton Amberg.
  • This swimsuit is made from a pique fabric with very high elasticity and is 2-way stretch. The fabric has a three-dimensional look, is highly breathable, and fast drying.
  • composition is 90% PA 10% EA.
  • The garment is fully lined using a sustainable, contrast fabrication.

Design Codes

  • Transparent: Supply chain and ethical practices
  • Local: Sourced in EU, Made in London ex of Trims
  • Circular: Regenerated Nylon
  • Eco-Friendly: Recycled Packaging