E.MACBEAN Deconstructed R.A.P Skirt

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E.Macbean is a high-end UK swimwear brand launched in 2020, a creative collaboration between Andrew and Eleanor Ibi. The E.MACBEAN ethos is one of slow, considered, sustainable swimwear; made for a diverse, fearless and culturally-aware community.

Product Details

  • This garment is repurposed as a contemporary wrap skirt - a Radical Apparel Proposition (R.A.P).
  • vintage, outsized Men's denim jeans that are re-engineered to fit excessively on the waist using gold, metal fittings and natural leather, adjustable belt/strap
  • Each piece is made to order and delivery time for this product is 2-3weeks
  • from original, discarded vintage items. The difference in colour, wear patterns and style is very much part of the design and production process allowing for one-off outcomes.
  • Please wash at a low temperature and with care.
  • The vegetable-tanned leather belt-strap is non-detachable and is designed to age and wear, mimicking the life journey or raw, indigo denim.

Design Codes

  • Transparent: Supply chain and ethical practices
  • Local: Sourced in EU, Made in London ex of Trims
  • Circular: Regenerated Nylon
  • Eco-Friendly: Recycled Packaging