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Atmos Volume 5

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Atmos Volume 05: 

In the face of the climate crisis, one thing is clear: we will only get to an ecologically just future by way of working together. If humankind is to heal its relationship to the rest of creation, it must restore harmony—which cannot exist without collaboration. And what could be more emblematic of holism and harmony than a hive? A swarm of individuals working in unison to protect the whole? Does this symphony not symbolize our highest potential?

For Atmos Volume 05: Hive, we are telling stories of synarchy and symbiosis, individualism and collectivity, queendom and colonies, entomology and ecology—an exploration of what is possible when we come together for a common cause or a belief.

Atmos Magazine is a biannual climate and culture magazine that tells stories about the environment through an art lens, curated by a global ecosystem of adventurers, creatives, and journalists, including Jamie Hawkesworth, Behrouz Boochani, Yoko Ono, ANOHNI, Ryan McGinley, and more. Through innovative design, in-depth storytelling, and impactful imagery, its goal is to elevate our collective consciousness surrounding sustainability and the future of our planet.