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Archivist X Studio Mend Shirt Yellow Stitch

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This Archivist x Studio Mend Shirt is the stunning outcome of a limited edition collaboration. Archivist Studio creates unique shirts made from recycled hotel bed sheets sourced locally in Europe. Studio Mend has specialized in repairing garments with beautiful techniques to give them new life. Through collaboration, Studio Mend has given new life to previously unsellable Archivist shirts.


  • Soft yet crisp fabric with a quality thickness
  • Oversized fit
  • 100% upcycled cotton Shirt sourced in Amsterdam, made in Bucharest
  • Mended in Norway
  • 5 hours of stitching work
  • Yellow yarn


Archivist Studio exclusively sources high-quality material from luxury hotels in all of Europe. All of their products are 100% upcycled, made in Bucharest. Minor faults in the materials are what make the timeless shirts so special - saving kilos of high-quality material from being wasted.

Studio Mend upcycles used clothing through visible mending, creating interesting and unique garments. No new products are made, only old ones are being hand-stitched back to life. Their garments are locally sourced and repaired in Norway.