How do a DJ duo deal with isolation? We asked Amsterdam DJ’s Homecooking - Rey Adrade & Leonidas Diamantis - about how they are staying connected and creative during the current situation.

To many people W.F.H. means spending days on end in Zoom meetings. But what does W.F.H. mean to a DJ duo, and how have you managed to stay connected?

L: We talk a lot. We analyze records we love, constantly exchange music from the past as well as new discoveries. We also record mixes we share with each other, trying to figure out how those tracks would work in a joint set situation. We basically try to keep our bags open for each other.

R: It has been a bit challenging, Leo and I play vinyl almost exclusively and a driving part of this thing for us is about being around people and getting people together.  So we’ve had to find surrogates for diving through record bins together or waffling about over bowls of ramen.

As creative people, how have you managed to keep your inspiration levels high when you’re stuck within four walls?

R: Essentially Leo and I started a conversation about music when we met 4 years ago and we have been having it ever since.  So we kind of have an endless stream of conversation happening over multiple channels anyways - hey have you heard this, do you know that, check out this break or listen to this trumpet solo etc.  I think our natural state is well suited to this unusual moment.

L: For me, it comes down to regulating input. There are so many things to read, look at and listen to, which is great and it reinforces a feeling of staying connected. At the same time, I think it’s good to take a minute and think & reflect upon that input. 

There are loads of different ways to approach your W.F.H. attire. It can be the ultimate opportunity to not get dressed at all, or as we like to view it, it can be a great way to set your mood for the day and have a bit of fun. Where do you stand on getting dressed to W.F.H.?

R: Well, bit of a mixed bag really.  Leo definitely gets on his mad professor making music so comfort and function will generally win that battle.  I have to admit that I’ve been taking advantage of the vid conference window and doing a bit of a business on top, boxers off camera look.  But yeah some days it helps to wake up and put on a real fit even if its just for you.

Homecooking started as an end of week party at 72andsunny, the agency where you both work. Because we're in quarantine, you've each made us a W.F.H mix to round off everyone’s week and take them into the long weekend. Can you tell us what to expect from the mix tapes?

L: I am a Roots Reggae & Dub obsessive, so my mix is a collection of tunes from some of my favourite records of what I consider to be a golden era in Jamaican recorded music history, as well as a couple of tracks which deviate a bit here and there.

R: So this is a bit of an eclectic all vinyl mix.  I like to keep people on their toes and travel around a bit and this mix favours a bit of deep grooves and some vocal house records.  But a few surprises here and there not unlike what Leo and I would play in a live Homecooking set.

Listen to MIX TAPE 02 & 03 W/ HOMECOOKING on the PARO STORE soundcloud.

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