DOBLE 6 is a Spain based brand who has set themselves the task to prioritize slow fashion. Their garments are made with hand made and upcycled materials only. This encourages the customers to be creative with their garments and to explore their multifunctional design. Their materials are sourced from locally and they only produce in small factories and sewing workshops.

"At Doble-6 we are committed to craftsmanship and work by hand, which is why we like to work with local artisans that allow us to show the world certain trades that are being lost."


What 2 words best describe DOBLE 6?

Creativity & Sustainability.

When did you start DOBLE 6, and what inspired you to?

We started in July of 2019, we realized that with so much technology and the stressful world in which we live we appreciate a lack of creativity today in people when dressing and in appreciating the details of each garment. We also believe that as designers it is our responsibility to educate the client in their way of buying fashion ... we contribute our grain of sand in more sustainable garments, reusing good quality fabrics and old productions, with small workshops paying a fair price, and betting for versatile garments with different positions, thus avoiding the massive purchase of so many garments.  

Tell us about the team behind the brand.

e are two young entrepreneurs who decided to set up our own brand after finishing our studies.  Both of us have always felt very identified with sustainability, arts and crafts, which is why we decided to create a brand that was founded on these three pillars, where we could show our passions and offer a quality product that passes from generation to generation.

At the moment we are the ones who manage the company as well as the creative process of each collection, however we collaborate with different artisans and creatives for the creation of content or garments.  



Can you tell us about some of the artisans you’ve worked with? And what special crafts and skills they bring to the brand?

At Doble-6 we are committed to craftsmanship and work by hand, which is why we like to work with local artisans that allow us to show the world certain trades that are being lost.

Currently our artisans create Doble-6 bags, they allow us to show our customers pieces that are 100% handmade. In these pieces you can appreciate the artisan's hands, what he is able to create knot by knot, the passion he puts into his craft and the final result, a unique, quality and handmade product.

What’s playing on the office / studio stereo?

We’re mostly playing Gabriela Richardson & Carla Morrison on repeat.

We define good design as ‘making positive impact on people and the planet a key input in the design stage’. How do you approach this at DOBLE 6?

We use high quality surplus materials from old productions, we always opt for natural materials, but sometimes it is impossible for us and we use recycled polyester, we also opt for local workshops and artisans at a fair price.

Many of your pieces are also multi functional, able to be worn in different ways, do you design them like this for sustainability or creativity reasons?

Sustainability and creativity are two of our main pillars, we believe that our customers need sustainable and durable pieces. We also want to offer a product that is not only a quality product, but also a design that lets our imagination run wild, so that in one garment there are two, three, four... designs, it all depends on the imagination of each one of us.



To champion transparency, we always ask designers - what would you like to do better, or are you working on improving?

We are currently using recycled polyester, but in the future we would love to be able to do without it and use 100% natural materials.

We believe that recycled polyester is a great alternative to conventional polyester, but even so, resources and energy are needed to obtain this material. Finally, this process also pollutes the environment.

If we use natural materials, we avoid the production of polyester and the use of resources to recycle it.

Where is DOBLE 6 going in the future?

We see ourselves growing in the international market, we want to continue working to discover materials and shapes that have less impact on the environment, we also see ourselves evolving towards a more sophisticated design and consolidating the brand, that when they talk about DOBLE6 it is a lifestyle and not just fashion.

As we all know, the fashion industry as a whole is responsible for huge environmental and social issues. How would you like to see the industry change and progress?

We believe that there is already a great change in the fashion industry, but obviously there is still a long way to go, starting with fast fashion companies. We would like the fast fashion industry to end, since this brings great problems to the environment, also that we as an industry only work with recycled polyester, since producing this new material is highly damaging to the planet.

What advice would you give to people who want to be more responsible when they’re shopping?

First that they think about their purchase very well, and also that they invest in a quality garment that will last you practically a lifetime, also that they investigate a little the transparency of the brand, where they manufacture, with what materials...


Thanks Paula and Silvia!

You can find out more about Doble 6 and shop their collection here.