At PARO we love good design.

For us, this means awesome products that:

1. You connect with; 
2. Have great functionality and aesthetic; 
3. Make a positive impact on the world. 

It’s estimated that the choices made during a product’s design phase dictates more than 80% of its impact on the world. We only stock brands who prioritize reducing this impact in their design process. Some people call this sustainable, ethical or conscious—we just call it good design.

We don’t think that buying stuff that has a better impact on our planet should mean compromising on other qualities and features. The brands at PARO STORE are driving the industry forward by designing awesome clothes that you love – through craft, innovation and creativity – while prioritizing their impact on people and our planet.

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Shopping is about looking for clothes that you can fall in love with, but we often don’t consider the impact their production has in the world—because it’s so damn hard to figure out. Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How much water or energy was used to make these jeans?
  • How much pollution did the production of this top pump into our land, air and soil?
  • Were the people growing the fibres for this sweater treated fairly?
  • How were the animals used in the making of this leather treated?
  • What will happen to this dress once I wash, wear, and eventually tire of it?

We know we aren’t the only ones who have become more and more curious about how our clothing is made—people the world over have stopped supporting harmful brands. Their products might look great, but if they exploit our planet, the long-term effects are simply not worth it. At PARO STORE, the designers we stock make sustainability a central part of their design process, asking questions like:

  • Could this item be made from surplus or recycled material to help reduce tonnes of waste?
  • Could organic materials and natural dyes be used to minimise pollution?
  • Could renewable energy be used to power our factory?
  • Could the development of this item be used to create opportunities for people and communities that really need the support?
  • Could this item be made from a leather-like material derived from apples or pineapples?
  • Could this item biodegrade or be completely recycled into a new product?
There are so many different ways that designers approach their craft to have a better impact on our world. Each designer takes a different approach through sustainability: their innovations are mind-blowing, and they’ve shown us that the possibilities are endless.

We assess every brand and product on PARO STORE through our 9 design codes, so that you can see how they’re focusing on creating a better planet, and choose what to purchase based on the issues that are most important to you. The categories are:

TRANSPARENT - see you how your clothes were made from beginning to end.
EMPOWER PEOPLE- make sure all garment workers get fair pay and rights.
ARTISAN - work with highly skilled craftsmen & women to incorporate ancient, indigenous traditions in their designs.
ORGANIC - use non-GMO materials, grown in a way to benefit the ecosystem and without harmful synthetic chemicals.
ECO-FRIENDLY- materials that reduce the impact on the environment, and on the people that make and wear them.
VEGAN - support animal rights and reduce the impact of animal agriculture by designing completely animal free products.
MANAGE RESOURCES - reduce their environmental impact by managing resources, waste and emissions in production.
LOCAL - produce within their region, supporting local communities and helping control manufacturing standards.
CIRCULAR - reduce and re-use waste through take-back schemes, upcycling, and designing for recyclability.

    Go to the SUSTAINABILITY page to read more about our design codes, or filter the SHOP based on the design code that matters most to you.