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ATTIRE CARE Garment Protector

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This unique odourless and environmentally friendly formula can be used on pretty much all materials including; Wool, Linen, Leather, Cotton and more. The Garment Protector will not alter the look or feel of the material being treated in any way and once applied garments will have an invisible barrier coated on top of the material and protection will last up to 4 months. Perfect to be used on delicate materials giving them that extra bit of protection from everyday accidents.

Make sure the surface you have treated is completely dry before exposing to any liquid and remember the longer the cure time the more effective the repellency will be.

Fitted with an innovative mist spray pump action top which creates a fine mist to cover the surface area of the material being treated.


This product is eco-friendly and biodegradable. The packaging is made up of a recycled glass bottle. The spray pump is developed to be recyclable too soon.

For each purchase, a tree is planted with One Tree planted.