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Halo Labels, fashion brand established in 2014 in Berlin by polish artist Ala Sowiar who treats textiles as a soft matter. For them the texture is the essence of the material, stimulating our eyes and touch, connecting sense with memory and sentiment. They believe that clothing is not only a way to cover our bodies but to create and evoke emotions and feeling based on textures.

Extremely light t-shirt made out of 3 layers of pure cotton gauze. Like muslin, the fabric is soft, sheer, and diaphanous. All 3 layers are hand-dyed and creased to create a unique opalescent texture effect. Neckline trimmed with a delicate jersey ribbing.


  • 3 layers of pure cotton gauze
  • Unisex
  • Model is wearing S/M
  • Color: mixed layers of sapphire and heather
  • Developing process creates unique pieces with slight variances
  • Product fulfillment time: 3 days


Their collections are ethically produced by local tailors and seamstresses in Poland, often using recycled or deadstock fabrics. Their materials are hand-dyed and done with a minimal amount of water. 80% of the packaging is made from recycled materials with an aim to make it 100%.