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Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas for Planet Lovers

Consider this your alternative Valentine’s Day guide, because we think Valentine's Day needs a bit of a facelift - it can get a bit too traditional, exclusive and competitive for us.  But at it's core it is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the love we have for each other, and, why not also take the opportunity to celebrate the love we have for ourselves and our abundant Mother Earth?  So we’ve covered all the bases for an eco-conscious, Earth-connected Valentine’s Day full of gratitude and appreciation, from what to wear, what to cook and where to stay, right through to sounds and scents that will feed your soul. And what’s more, you don’t have to be coupled up to enjoy these ideas, enjoy alone or with your pals - forget the dusty traditions and feel the love.

What to wear

Most  “What to wear on Valentine’s Day” guides will tell us women how we can amp up the sex appeal with lace, silk and sultry tones, and men, you better don a suit, and turn up with a box of Milk Tray, ok!? The go-to guide to seduction seems to be well and truly stuck in the past, so we’ve dusted it off and brought it up to date, with our Valentine’s looks from three of our favourite brands that bring a bit of romance thanks to luxurious and contemporary pieces that feel good for you and we're made with respect for the planet.


Pond’s limited edition miniature roman heart mismatch earrings are made from recycled 9ct gold, vintage heart-shaped glass and recovered freshwater pearls. A timeless look for Valentine’s day, or wear them daily as reminder to be compassionate to yourself. 

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Where to stay

Looking for a romantic or relaxing escape? Ditch the city and find yourself an eco-escape where you can get up close and personal with nature. These eco-lodges and hotels are the perfect settings for deepening your connection with a loved one, yourself and the planet. Don’t even think about checking out before you’ve hugged a tree!


An eco-escape that’s super close to the city of Amsterdam, The Unbound cabins are set within the serene greenery to the West of Amsterdam. Fine wines and classic dishes are delivered to your cabin door, while you cosy up by the fire or do a bit of late-night stargazing from your terrace or hot tub. Pay a visit to the yoga and meditation pit, or the kitchen’s organic vegetable garden, and don’t forget to spend some time in the famous barrel sauna on the lake.

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Set the mood

The right scent has a transformative, almost intoxicating, effect on the senses… a bit like L O V E. Create your own romantic haven with these heady, eco-friendly smells from our favourite scent artists who prioritise natural ingredients and planet-friendly packaging


Inspired by 70s LA surfers and skaters, long-gone summers and the Earth movement, Cremate’s all-natural incense is a dreamy aroma for all the lovers out there. Light up a Middle Way incense with a rich yet subtle, gentle yet woody scent to set a blissful mood or, if you like your scents with a bit more passion, Mary Mother of God is the one for you. 

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Books & sounds

Often when we think of Valentine’s Day, we focus on external and frankly over-dramatic displays of affection, but we think it’s also a great day to go inwards too, taking time to reflect on life and our love for people and the planet. These books and sounds help us to do just that.


Mort Garson’s 1976 album is an electronic earth record made especially for plants and plant-lovers alike. Blissed-out 70s vibes provoking mind-expanding thoughts. A true homage to Planet Earth.

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What to cook

If you want to go planet friendly, then a vegetarian or vegan Valentine’s dinner is on the cards. Whether you’re a sucker for a classic dish, you like tastes that transport your senses to faraway places (something we all need right now!), or you want something you can pull together without being a trained chef, we’ve got something from our favourite planet-friendly cooks, for you.


Amsterdam based blog ‘The Indigo Kitchen’ by Jason Tjon Affo is full of fun and colourful vegan dishes and soul food, all of which are accessible to all. The peanut spinach stew is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face, thanks to the super cute rice ball! A colourful, comforting stew that closely resembles a traditional African peanut stew, it’s also packed full of goodness and flavour.  

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