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PARO APPROVED | 8 Sustainable Jackets & Coats

The temperature has dropped. The heating is on. Your summer clothes have been moved back into the box under your bed, knitwear and boots are back in your regular rotation... and it’s no bad thing. We are winter wardrobe fans; the layers and fabrics make getting dressed more interesting than wearing the bare minimum when the sun’s out.

Of all the winter wardrobe items, there is nothing we like more than a nice winter coat. Your protection from the elements; keeping you warm and dry when the weather gets really, really bad, they also have the potential to be a truly sustainable wardrobe item. A good coat, will, more so than many items, stand the test of time; I have a wool Acne coat I’ve been wearing 10+ years, as well as an Aquascutum mac that has been handed down for two generations - both still look as good as new.

What to look for in a more sustainable winter coat?

Made to last - We don’t believe in defining what goes in ‘capsule wardrobes’ so whether you want a classic style or a colourful, stand out jacket, go for good quality so it will keep you cosy well in to your older years.

    Ethically made -  above all also a fashion brand must be socially sustainable; so check the supply chain information to ensure you are purchasing an ethically made jacket - do some digging for concrete details of working conditions and certifications.

    Cruelty-free - the warmest winter coats often contain down linings. It’s important that these are cruelty free so check for certifications like PETA approved or Responsible Down Standard (RDS), choose secondhand or vegan alternatives.

    Better materials - waterproof materials are often synthetic and chemically coated to be water repellent, to be honest it’s very difficult to find completely non-synthetic/toxic alternatives, but look for eco-friendly and recycled and up-cycled materials and certifications like Bluesign.

    Multifunction or layering potential - might not seem as important as the last few points but I’ve found this is the thing my long lasting winter coats have in common; if I can put a lightweight down jacket under my woolen coats, or get a larger sized raincoat that goes on top of any other jacket, I’ll keep coming back to them every year.

    8 sustainable and ethically made coats with PARO approval

    With these things to look out for in mind, and true to the PARO ethos; with an uncompromising eye for design, we’ve compiled a list of our top ethical and sustainable jackets - from puffas to raincoats - that you can find on PARO STORE and beyond.

    1. Halo Labels Umbrella Jacket

    Berlin based HALO LABELS treat textiles as art. Seeing texture as the essence of the material, that stimulates our eyes and touch, and connects sense with memory and sentiment. The Umbrella jacket comes with plenty of sentiment; made from umbrellas sourced from her fathers old factory. A lined and padded winter bomber jacket with round flared sleeves and an oversized look (layering potential…). Thanks to the jackets origins it’s also waterproof, which if you live somewhere as rainy as the Netherlands, means guaranteed potential to wear.

    2. 1/off Paris Up-cycled Down Puffer Jacket

    1/OFF Paris are an Amsterdam based fashion label rooted in the up-cycle movement. Celebrating the legacy of grand designers design, they transform high-end vintage into contemporary manifestations. The 1/OFF upcycled shell-down puffer jacket is a double layer of warmth featuring a puffer and gilet. Vintage styles have been transformed with exposed poppers, zip fastenings, drawstring waistband, and embroidered and printed logos.


    3. Myar Multicolor Flying Jacket

    Italian label MYAR aim to create a new dress code by up-cycling and customising vintage army surplus and deadstock fabrics into unique tailored pieces that reflect army life's values. The Multicolor Flying Jacket jacket is inspired by the historic Flying Jacket B-3 1942. Made through the combination of three shades of warm teddy fleece fabric (Re Live Tex certified!) featuring a classic plentiful collar and frog buttons on the shoulders. 

    4. Rave Review Siri Coat

    Rave Review identifies various innovative ways of transforming home textiles into desirable garments. All remake fashion is sourced and produced in Europe. The Siri Coat is an up-cycled figure shape woolen overshirt with silver snap buttoning and side seam pockets. Made in the Ukraine from 100% up-cycled vintage wool blankets.


     5. Façon Jacmin Manolo Blue Coat

    FAÇON JACMIN is a Belgian brand aiming to break the restraint of fashion, by diversifying and sophisticating denim, with three types of collections; timeless pieces, seasonal collections and capsule collections of up-cycled artisanal designs. The MANOLO is a wool trench coat in timeless dark navy. A unique coat elevated by four panels construction, creating long hem side slits. Featuring a high collar neckline, a removable belt and side pockets. Made in Bulgaria from Italian wool fabric.

    6. Studio Mend Burberry Mended Trench

    Founded by Norwegian/German designer Sunniva Rademacher Flesland, Studio Mend uses visible mending as a way of giving broken high quality garments a new life. By re-thinking the value and aesthetics of repair, old mending techniques such as darning and embroidery gets a new feeling of luxury. Classic vintage Burberry coat sourced secondhand in the Netherlands. Stains in the front and on the back of the arm repaired over 11 hours using the Island Weave mending technique. This is a one of a kind piece.


    7. On Good Authority Raincoat

    On Good Authority is a London-based rainwear brand bridging the gap between fashion and function. They merge contemporary design, with technical construction and sustainability to create waterproof jackets that are built to last. The OGA Raincoat is a fully waterproof, breathable and seam-sealed raincoat with a sleek, contemporary silhouette that can transcend the seasons, keeping you protected all year round. The soft matte fabric contains recycled nylon and has an environmentally friendly water repellent finish. It's been responsibly manufactured in a factory that looks after its workers.

    8. Make Shidday Waterproof Jacket

    MAKE tackles the overproduction issue of today's fashion industry with a 0% waste solution. MAKE is made from the residual fabrics factories no longer need. The materials bound unnecessarily for landfills have been rescued and repurposed into a product of modernity and care.  The Shidday jacket, and all other MAKE pieces, are technically constructed and modular; fully taped, water repellent YKK zippers, popper and concealed drawn chords at the waist, velcro tab cuff, back yoke vent with mesh lining, and removable hood and front pocket.

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