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Outsourcing, lack of transparency, and long, complex supply chains mean that big brands sometimes don’t actually know who is making their clothes let alone what the conditions are like for the workers.  Smaller brands can more easily form close partnerships with their producers which can lead to a whole lot of good stuff, not least having clearer sight of the environmental and human impact of their production. Don’t get us wrong though, some small brands produce without care, just as much as the big ones!

Brands who want to empower the people who make their clothes only work with producers who they can ensure provide good working conditions. There are many 3rd party audits and certifications available for this, however in this particular area certifications alone are not enough. Many of the big disasters, like Rana Plaza, have happened at certified producers, who are later found to be providing anything but fair and safe working conditions. 

If you see an P next to any brand or product on PARO STORE, this indicates that this brand works to Empower People by personally verifying that anyone involved in their production has working conditions that are safe, secure and fairly paid (in some case this includes certifications, but its always verified personally by the brand). To some brands, empowering people goes beyond ensuring their garment workers are financially and socially empowered, and they have built their entire business around empowerment of marginalised groups.

Moons & Junes empowers women

MOONS AND JUNES is a great example of a brand which has female empowerment in their DNA. Founded by Agnete, Moons & Junes produces all of their garments in a small all-women factory in Turkey; with whom Agnete works closely, visits regularly, and can personally vouch for the certified good working conditions.

Moons & Junes is also devoted to embracing diversity in everything they do. Their products have been specifically created to work with your curves, not against them and have been developed to fit a whole host of different bodies. They advocate for realism and self-expression as seen in their model choices, campaign messages, and their Bits & Boobs gallery - a space for celebrating boobs of all shapes and sizes. As we should.

You can check out Moons & Junes, ethically made lingerie.

Dom Amsterdam empowers people and supports refugees

DOM AMSTERDAM is another brand specifically set up to empower people, and they demonstrate the really powerful personal impact that a small brand can have. Dom see sustainability and ethical production as a necessity, and decided to set up their production to have a positive impact. They approached local NGO Makers Unite - who match creative newcomers to Amsterdam (mainly refugees) with positions in the creative industries here - and through this process they met their tailor, Mohamad. The Dom guys have now formed a close partnership and friendship with Mohamad and have helped him to re-start his tailoring business -  which he had for over 30 years in Syria - right here in Amsterdam.

You can find out more about DOM and shop their waist bags and totes, all made by Mohamad.

At its core, our Empower People design code is about all of us properly valuing the people who make the things we love to wear, and brands actually taking the accountability to ensure they are fairly treated. We’re pleased to say that a lot of the brands on PARO STORE have this design code (shown by the P icon), and you can find out more about how any of our brands produce by going to their brand page. You can also shop all of the products from brands who are PARO certified as Empowering People, here